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What do sex and self driving cars have in common? Watch writer Andrew Clark who discusses the future of self

driving cars and how sex has related to the automotive industry throughout history and looking forward to the new age of self driving cars. Check out his 18 minute talk HERE.

Caffyn Jesse is a widely-respected sex educator and the author of Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure. She teaches the Canadian Professional Somatic Sex Educator Training.

She offers a Certificate in Intimacy Education with training in erotic massage at her Salt Spring Island studio. Caffyn has a Masters degree in Educational Studies and a postgraduate Associate in Sex Education Certificate from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality. A Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker, she integrates Tantra and Taoist teachings on sacred sexuality with these modalities. Caffyn is also a skilled bodyworker with professional massage training. She writes and speaks widely about sex and related topics.

G-Spot Expert Deborah Sundahl Speaks

When it comes to sexuality, the G-spot and female ejaculation are two of the most misunderstood and maligned topics around. Stimulating the small, textured area inside the upper wall of the vagina has induced powerful orgasms and squirting for many aroused women over the years, but only in 2001 did the American Medical Association acknowledge the existence of the G-spot as the female prostate.

Fortunately, Deborah Sundahl is among the leading sex-positive educators working hard to increase awareness about this wonderful source of sensual fulfillment, intimacy, and healing. Heavenly moans, full-body bliss, and soaked sheets are within the reach of every woman, she believes.

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot The New Mexico resident heads up her own Female Ejaculation Sex Education Institute. She's the author of 2003's Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot , widely considered the definitive book on the subject. Since the early 1990's, Sundahl has also produced numerous videos and DVDs on the subject, including the Female Ejaculation for Couples DVD .Female Ejaculation for Couples DVD

"Really, I've been a pioneer in women's erotica for 25 years, beginning with On Our Backs, which was the very first women's erotic magazine in the 1980's," Sundahl explains. "One of the topics we covered back then was female ejaculation. It was 10 years later when I decided to focus on it, because I felt it would be extremely important."

Her knowledge isn't merely academic. Under the stage name of Fanny Fatale, Sundahl has achieved beautiful ejaculations as an erotic film performer, including a famous scene in the safe sex-oriented, girl-on-girl DVD Clips by Fatale Media. Recently, she produced a film called Female Ejaculation: The Workshop, which involved teaching three French actresses how to squirt just days before production began.

So at many different levels, she understands what's needed for a woman to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed and sensitive enough to enjoy G-spot stimulation and ejaculation.

"I recommend to the women that they do the work to prepare themselves first," Sundahl explains. "It's very much a feminist point of view: Our Bodies, Our Selves. They need to take that and own it, and learn and make it work for them. Then they can take what they know and share it with their partners."

And G-spot knowledge is something women can benefit from whether they're 25 or 55.

"Age is not so much a factor as is education. What is the G-spot? Where is it located? What are the sensations that women are and are not feeling in their bodies? These are key questions. It's about coming to understand the difference between a G-spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm, both intellectually and physically.

"Of course, you can't define it in black and white terms," Sundahl adds. "We're talking about a continuum of orgasmic pleasure."

The effervescent University of Minnesota women's studies graduate is excited about the knowledge she's able to impart about the "feminine fountain." She teaches mostly in the USA and Germany, and enjoys the latter's culture due to its lack of "puritanical history."

"My mission is very clear: to bring the news about the G-spot and female ejaculation to every woman I possibly can, so that she learns about her body and this important aspect of her sexuality," Sundahl says. "And the interest in female ejaculation has increased exponentially by the month. Beginning about four years ago, it's been sweeping the bedrooms of the Western world. Many people are getting educated about it to varying degrees. Some women are learning and studying, and others just hear the word and decide to give it a try at home. Either way, the doors are open and people are hungry for the information and eager to try it out."

G-spot stimulation is truly an area where getting there is half the fun. With your partner or by yourself, with fingers or toys or anything else, take your time to build up toward that full-body orgasm or squirting. Luxuriate in the sensations you feel. There's no rush, says Sundahl.

"What I tell women is that 20 percent of women will do it the minute they hear about it, and another 20 percent will have to work hard at it for a year, but they will all eventually learn how to ejaculate. To borrow a phrase from the Obama campaign, this is a time for women to have a big 'Yes We Can' for ejaculation."

Sundahl hopes to visit Vancouver in the not-too-distant future to lecture and teach. In the meantime, check out her website for more information at www.deborahsundahl.com, and pop into The Art of Loving to purchase her work.

Curtis Hoines

Painting has been a profound interest to Curtis since his childhood. Born in Calgary, Alberta, he began painting signs and murals at an early age of 12. Throughout school his skills continued to develop through art classes and self study. Realism and comic illustration using pencil and ink were his two favorite things to do.

Curtis’ passion for art has a never ending battle to aim for perfection of beauty and bringing fascination to the people who see his pieces. In 2006, Curtis went to explore modern figurative art painting. In most of his work, the sophisticated beauty of a woman’s face and body appears to be the elemental figures. He uses acrylic painting and gels on canvas, often layered with sprayed or airbrushed transparent color to achieve desired texture and effects. As with much of his work, fascination remains an underlying theme.