2 for 1 Maxx Condoms!

On sale for the month of October, these top selling condoms from Kimono are buy two for the price of one this month only. We're

putting them on sale because we received a huge shipment, NOT because they're not excellent condoms. Kimono is our top selling condom brand so if you're needing a longer, wider condom, give Maxx a try. Longer and with more headroom for increased pleasure where the nerve endings are, Maxx Large Condoms come lubricated for less friction. Made for larger erections or men who prefer a looser fit, they are one of the largest latex condoms on the market.

Measurements: Length: 195mm Width: 52mm / 59mm at head Thickness: 0.04 at shaft, 0.075 at tip.

Material: Latex
Price: $1.50